CFP: Symphilosophie 2 (The Women Writers of Philosophical Romanticism)

Submission deadline: May 31, 2020

Topic areas


SYMPHILOSOPHIE: International Journal of Philosophical Romanticism is an online, open-access and peer-reviewed journal for new academic research on philosophical romanticism. SYMPHILOSOPHIE is now accepting submissions of original research articles, review essays, book reviews and new translations for its second issue, which will appear in late 2020. 

The main focus of this second issue is the thought of the women thinkers and writers of philosophical romanticism, among others: Karoline von Günderrode, Caroline Schlegel, Dorothea Veit, Sophie Mereau, Germaine de Staël, Bettina von Arnim. Possible topics to be addressed include: theories of the sexes, freedom, gender, marriage, property, relations between women and men in society, the state etc., and the relation of these female thinkers to their male peers in philosophical romanticism, and vice versa. These topics should be philosophically treated. This could be done from the perspectives of metaphysics, politics, right (law), ethics, aesthetics, religion, anthropology, or other philosophers and traditions, and/or in relation to modern 21st century issues, debates, and so on. 

Apart from a section on the main topic, SYMPHILOSOPHIE also has a further section containing miscellaneous essays. Original research articles and reviews on other topics of philosophical romanticism will therefore also be considered for this second issue.


The submission deadline is: 31 May 2020.

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