Fifth Graduate International Summer School in Cognitive Sciences and Semantics: Perception

July 19, 2013 - July 29, 2013
University of Latvia



Ophelia Deroy
Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study
University of Glasgow
Mohan Matthen
University of Toronto
Washington University in St. Louis
Barry C. Smith
Birkbeck College, University of London
Charles Spence
Oxford University


Barry C. Smith
Birkbeck College, University of London

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What features should we consider when giving an account of the different senses and can we map how the senses are related to each other? What kind of cross-modal experiences are there and could there be? What is the relationship between perceptual illusion, hallucination, perception and synaesthesia? What is the distinction between mental imagery and perceptual experience? What kinds of synaesthetic associations are there? Is perception unified or are the
modalities primary? What is the perceptual status of space and time? Is the phenomenology of perceptual experience modally specific?


The summer institute is co-organized by the Center for Cognitive Sciences and Semantics at the University of Latvia and the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University. It will consist of 1 course of 45 hours, which is equivalent to 1 course of 3 credits. It will comprise 9 days of full time academic activities:

All enrolled participants will receive the following preparatory material in May:

  1. a detailed schedule with a description of each lecture
  2. a full course packet with complementary articles for each lecture.
  3. a full description of the evaluation procedure and recommended preparatory work.

Students who register will automatically be enrolled in the course “TOPICS IN THE PHILOSOPHY OF MIND, LANGUAGE AND COGNITION” offered by the Center for Cognitive Sciences and Semantics of the University of Latvia. Students enrolled will receive the equivalent of 3 credit
units (45 contact hours) as part of the joint curriculum. Credits will be transferred from the University of Latvia toward a graduate course (either PhD or MA) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Supervision and evaluation

Each student will be paired with a member of the faculty who will be responsible for the supervision of the student’s study work during the entire summer school (one-one meetings by appointment) as well as for their evaluation. The relevant information concerning the pairing will be sent with the course packet.

Admission requirements

  1. being registered in or post-graduate program in philosophy or other connected discipline. Exceptionally, advanced undergraduate students will be entitled to enroll OR
  2. holding a graduate or post-graduate degree in philosophy or other connected discipline OR
  3. working as a post-doctoral student or professional in this field.

Registration: enrolment forms will be made available at the following address:

Selection procedure

Students will be selected on the basis of 1) their prior acquaintance with the topic; 2) their overall academic merit. They will be required to provide a cv as well as a statement of purpose (see registration form).

Tuition fees

Registration fees include:

1) Participation in all academic activities and credit transfer, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and course packet (to be sent in advance)

Tuition fees are lower for students who register prior to 15 April 2012. The following amounts are given in Latvian Lats :

Before 15 April

Graduate students and Postdoctoral researchers 500 LVL
Professionals: 750 LVL

After 15 April

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers 600 LVL
Professionals: 850 LVL

Partial scholarships may be available in limited numbers on the basis of need and academic merit. 


The payment may be made by bank transfer to the University of Latvia. Information will be made available to those whose application is successful.

Inquiries should be directed to Sandra Lapointe ([email protected]) or Jurgis Skilters ([email protected])

Please note that ISSCSS will be held in the city of Riga.

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