CFP: Special Issue on Oswald Spengler

Submission deadline: September 15, 2020

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The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (PJCV) welcomes contributions concerning the role of conflict and violence in Spengler’s conceptual system(s) and its political legacy.

The selected articles will be published by Trivent Publishing in May 2021.

This issue of the PJCV is intended to contribute to the ongoing reappraisal of Spengler’s thought and its influence through the analysis of themes of conflict, struggle, turmoil and violence both within Spengler’s historical and philosophical writings, and with regards to the impact of his writings on wider society.

We welcome papers on all aspects of conflict and violence (broadly construed) in relation to Spengler’s work. The following possible topics are to be taken as merely suggestive:

Violence and conflict within Spengler’s Decline of the West (Caesarism, inter-cultural conflict, cultural death, longing and dread, the fellaheen)

§  Spengler’s critique of the Enlightenment

§  Spengler and the Conservative Revolution (proximity to and conflict with fellow conservatives, the role of violence in Spengler’s political project, civilisation as cultural death, reactionary modernism)

§  Spengler and Technology (technology and cultural expansion, technology as “weapon of the weak”, transhumanism)

§  Violence and conflict in Spengler’s later work (conflict as an historical agent of cultural change, the history of the chariot, man as “beast of prey”, the death of the West and the end of history)

§  Conflict between Spengler’s early and later work (the abandonment of cultural cycles, linear history, Social Darwinism and philosophical anthropology, technology as cultural artefact, the environment and technics)

§  Heraclitus and Nietzsche: the agonistic roots of Spengler’s worldview

§  Interpretative conflicts in Spengler scholarship

§  The impact of Spengler’s work on subsequent historical and philosophical thought (conflict and violence in Kissinger, Toynbee, Wittgenstein, Frye, Borkenau, Frobenius, Heidegger, etc.)

§  The impact of Spengler’s work on conflict and violence in the arts (Lovecraft, Kerouac, Yeats, Durrell, Ambler, etc.)

§  The impact of Spengler’s work on the popular imagination (past and present)

§  The critical reaction to Spengler (the Spengler-Streit, Adorno, Marcuse, Ortega y Gasset, Evola, Mumford, Collingwood, etc.)

§  Critical analyses of Spengler’s cultures (the viability and coherence of culture organisms, the cultures that Spengler forgot, perspectives on The Decline of the West from outside the West)

Important Dates and Submission Guidelines

➢ We kindly ask all prospective authors to send their intent of submitting a paper for this issue with a short 500 word abstract to [email protected] and [email protected]  by no later than September 15th, 2020.

Authors will be informed on whether to proceed or not by September 22nd, 2020.
➢ Full papers should be written in the PJCV template available on  and should have a maximum of 20 pages
➢ Full papers will be submitted by January 15th, 2021 via

Guest edited by Dr. Gregory Swer, Walter Sisulu University, South Africa

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