Technology and coexistence. Phenomenological and anthropological perspectives

September 23, 2020 - September 25, 2020
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, University of Naples Federico II

Via Porta di Massa 1
Napoli 80133

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University of Naples Federico II
University of Naples Federico II

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Tecnica e coesistenza. Prospettive fenomenologiche e antropologiche

Technology and coexistence. Phenomenological and anthropological perspectives


Napoli 23-25/09/2020

From 23 to 25 September 2020, The “The Mechane Lab” (Laboratory of Philosophy of technology) of University of Naples “Federico II” organizes the international conference Technology and coexistence. Phenomenological and anthropological perspectives

The relationship between technology and coexistence has become one of the paramount philosophical concerns of our time. The question of technology and of its primary function in the evolution and existence of man, and its role in structuring the social, cultural and political world has become a crucial topic for theoretical and moral philosophy.

Technology has been described by many philosophers throughout history (e.g. Plato, Pico della Mirandola, Marx, Nietzsche, Gehlen) as one of the main heritages of humankind, a fundamental anthropological trait, such that it is impossible to conceive the human being without it.

In the contemporary age the reflection on technology has become a sort of meeting point for many thinkers coming from different scientific fields philosophers, anthropologists, biologists, ethologists, engineers and architects as well, put in question the nature of technology and the challenges and risks of technological progress that characterises hypermodernity.

The debate on technology has yielded significant philosophical development throughout the 20th century, but nowadays, given the extraordinary development of new technologies such as AI, ambient intelligence and the digital ICTs, a particular urgency motivates more than ever the current debate. The abovementioned recent technological developments are introducing a cultural revolution that is changing our Weltanschauung, our interactions, our social world and the modality of our coexistence, introducing new ontological and ethical issues. Contemporary world is increasingly a Technosystem, quoting A. Feenberg, and our era, defined by some as “Anthropocene”, appears to be the time in which technology even modifies the biology of living being along with the territorial and climatic features of the world.

In such contest, philosophy is required to provide a new hermeneutical and conceptual effort that involves empirical sciences as well.

This conference seeks to develop and examine these traditions, further interrogating the relation of technology and coexistence in the light of technological innovation.The programme features some slots available for presentations selected through a call for abstracts.

In addition to the presentations of the keynote speakers, we welcome submissions of abstracts suitable for a short presentation (20 minutes + 15 minutes for discussion) on the question of technology. Here is some suggested topics:

·             The relationship between technology and coexistence from a general philosophical perspective or from a scientific perspective (anthropology, ethology, psychology, engineering…).

·             A.I., ITC and Biotechnology, along with their impact on subjectivity and on our social world.

·             New political and ethical issues concerning contemporary technologies and how they are changing our coexistence.

·             The reconstruction and critical examination of specific philosophical positions on technology in the history of philosophy or in the contemporary debate.

·             New theoretical perspectives on the technological dimension and the interpersonal sphere.

·             Technology and personal identity.

Abstracts should be prepared for blind peer-review and should not be longer than 500 words but not shorter than 200 words.

The deadline for submission is August 10, 2020. Expected date of notification to the authors: August 18, 2020.

All abstract must be submitted to: [email protected]

For information: [email protected] 



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