CFP: 2013 Georgetown University Philosophy Conference: Reasons and Reasoning

Submission deadline: February 5, 2013

Conference date(s):
April 20, 2013

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, Georgetown University
Washington, D. C., United States

Topic areas



Topic: Reasons and Reasoning

Keynote Speaker: Japa Pallikkathayil(University of Pittsburgh)

Inquiry into reasons and reasoning has long occupied a central place in the major philosophical disciplines. From logic and ethics to epistemology and the history of philosophy, some of our discipline’s most creative and innovative work concerns practical and theoretical rationality.

The Georgetown University Philosophy Department invites submissions related to the theme "Reasons and Reasoning."  Possible topics include: internalist vs. externalist theories of reasons, reductivism vs. non-reductivism about reasons talk, the cognitive scientific basis of reasoning, implicit bias, the roles of background assumptions and/or practical competencies in reasoning, historical theories of inference, etc.  As this list indicates, our theme should be interpreted liberally, including contributions from meta-ethics, moral psychology, cognitive science, epistemology, logic, practical reasoning, political philosophy, etc.  We encourage submissions from both the analytic and continental traditions, whether historically or programmatically inclined.

Format and Submissions:   

The morning session will include APA-style colloquium papers (20 minute paper followed by a commentary and general discussion). To apply for this session, please submit a blinded paper of 3000 words or less with an abstract (200 words max).

Afternoon sessions will consist of three concurrent workshops. The workshops will be roughly organized around areas in Ethics/Metaethics, Language/Mind/ Epistemology, and History. (We will decide the final themes after receiving submissions, so that we can group papers around themes that promise interesting interactions). The workshops will be facilitated by Georgetown faculty members. Those wishing to have a workshop paper considered need only submit an abstract (500 words max.), and be willing, if selected, to make the full paper (3000 words max.) available to conference participants by April 1.

Please prepare submissions for blind review and submit them to

The deadline for submissions is January 20, 2013. Decisions will be communicated by March 1, 2013

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