Social Gradients in Health: Empirical, Normative, and Policy Perspectives

May 24, 2013
University of Zürich



  • University Research Priority Program for Ethics, University of Zurich

Keynote speakers:

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Laura Vanderbloemen
University of York, UK
Jonathan Wolff
University College London

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Organized by: Carina Fourie & Jan-Christoph Heilinger (University of Zurich)
Research strongly indicates that health follows social gradients, e.g. each step up a rank on an occupational hierarchy is correlated with relatively higher life expectancy and lower morbidity. While the existence of these gradients seems fairly uncontroversial, precisely why they occur, whether or not they are unjust, and what, if anything, policy-makers should do about them are very much open to debate. Making progress on these questions requires dialogue between the range of disciplines investigating the social gradients in health, including health sciences, political philosophy and biomedical ethics. This one-day workshop aims to foster such dialogue by examining social gradients in health according to the latest empirical research, normative analysis and policy perspectives.  
Participation is free but registration is required in advance as places are limited. For enquiries or for registration, please email Carina Fourie:

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