CFP: The Adolescence of Experimental Philosophy

Submission deadline: August 31, 2020

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The Philosophy of Science (Filozofia Nauki) invites submissions for a special issue of the journal fully devoted to Experimental Philosophy: “The Adolescence of Experimental Philosophy”.

Experimental Philosophy (also referred to as “X-Phi”) as a subdiscipline of philosophy has reached its adolescent age. It might be a good moment to take a look back at what X-Phi has achieved so far. During its lifetime, Experimental Philosophy has provided a rich body of important empirical evidence, reshaped philosophical methodology, and raised many controversies. Some of the most controversial findings that gave birth to X-Phi as a movement, such as variability of folk intuitions across demographic groups, are still subjects of lively debates. Given how rich is now the body of empirical evidence collected throughout the years, much more can be said on those topics than before, when Experimental Philosophy was in its nascent age, fighting for its place in the philosophical landscape.

The Philosophy of Science recognized Experimental Philosophy as an important subdiscipline of philosophy long ago and published a number of papers from the field. We believe that devoting the whole issue of the journal is something that X-Phi deserves.

We invite not only submissions reporting new original research, but also high-quality literature reviews, meta-analyses, or methodological considerations.

Appropriate topics for submission:

- variability in folk intuitions

- stability and robustness of folk intuitions

- methodological advances in experimental philosophy

- meta-analyses of X-Phi studies

- replicability in experimental philosophy

- experimental epistemology

- experimental philosophy of language

- experimental philosophy of action

- experimental metaphysics

- moral psychology

- experimental aesthetics

The Philosophy of Science (Filozofia Nauki) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal of philosophy in the analytic tradition. It is indexed by Web of Science and Scopus.

We invite original contributions written in English. The manuscripts should be submitted by August 31, 2020. All papers included in the volume will have been peer-reviewed. Manuscripts can be submitted either through our website or emailed to [email protected].

Before submitting a manuscript, please consult the author guidelines at

If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to write us at  [email protected].

Guest-editor: Adrian Ziółkowski, Ph.D.
University of Warsaw,
Institute of Philosophy

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