CFP: Promises and Challenges of Medical AI

Submission deadline: November 1, 2020

Topic areas


CfP: Special Issue on “Promises and Challenges of Medical AI” to appear in Bioethics


This special issue seeks to contribute to a more comprehensive bioethical analysis of medical AI by addressing the following three main areas of inquiry, to be tackled in an empirically-informed manner.

(1)   Medical AI’s ethical challenges, both in theory and in practice with regard to concrete clinical applications;

(2)   medical AI’s epistemic role in generating medical knowledge, including its relation to medical practice;

(3)   medical AI’s conceptual footing, including resulting ethical implications.

Accordingly, topics to be addressed by submissions may include (but are not restricted to) questions such as:

·      How to simultaneously harness medical AI’s data-crunching power and respect patients’ diverse, value-laden preferences?

·      Does the advent of medical AI require rethinking the canonical principles of bioethics?

·      How does medical AI impact the relationship between medical knowledge and medical practice?

·      How to safeguard human oversight, data security, control, and responsibility in light of shared decision-making involving opaque medical AI?

The guest editors (Prof. Mita Banerjee, Prof. Norbert W. Paul, Dr. Nils-Frederic Wagner) invite contributions from scholars in medical ethics, bioethics, philosophy (of technology), health sciences, medicine, psychology, and other relevant areas to answer these and related questions.

Please find the complete call here:

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