67th Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ethics & Animals

August 12, 2020

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Texas State University

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The Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals (SSEA) is pleased to announce its program for the 67th Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ethics & Animals. The meeting will be held on August 12th, 2020 as a pre-conference to the 13th annual Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress   The workshop will have a pre-read format, with the aim of providing focused, constructive feedback on works in progress. This year, all talks will be presented online. For copies of the papers and the Zoom links, email [email protected].   Below, you will find the list of talks, presenters, and commentators.

“Human Identity, Animal Identity, and Reflective Endorsement”
Rachel Robison-Greene, Utah State University
Comments from Danny Weltman, Ashoka University

“What Do Animals Deserve?”
Stephen Kershnar, SUNY Fredonia
Comments from Julia Mosquera, Institute for Futures Studies

“(Cat)egory Mistake: The Invalidity and Ethical Consequences of Feline
Behavior Assessments”
Derek Halm, Utah State University
Comments from Angela Martin, University of Basel

“Contractualism and the Scope of Morality”
Alisabeth Ayars, Princeton University
Comments from Corey Katz, Georgian Court University

“The Nature of Activism and the Value of Ruining Someone’s Dinner”
David Killoren, Dianoia Institute / Richard Rowland, University of Leeds
Comments from Sofia Huerter, University of Washington

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