Call for Abstracts: Philosophy, Art(theory), and Literature (Second Part)

Submission deadline: October 1, 2020

Topic areas


The 2020/2 issue of Labyrinth is a continuation, i.e. the second part of the 2020/1 issue and therefore on the same subject -- “Philosophy, Art(theory), and Literature”. From special interest for this issue are papers on the following topics:

·       The relation between aesthetical and ethical values in art(theory)

·      Psychoanalysis in film, theatre and literature

·        Phenomenological, hermeneutic, analytic, feminist, and deconstructivist approaches to art and literature

·        Receptions of philosophical ideas in literature, painting, photography, theatre, film etc.

·        Philosophical theories of art (aesthetics), art history, and art theory: specific differences and interrelations

·        Philosophical ideas and art critique: interconnections and conflicts

·        Art creation, crafting and esthetical perception/values

·        Philosophical language and art language(s)

·        Imagination, creativity and metaphors in philosophy and the arts

·        Gender representations in the arts and art theory

·        New media art as a challenge to epistemology and aesthetics

Other topics are also welcome.

Researchers working in the above fields are invited to submit a brief abstract with a short bio-bibliographical note (including real names, degree, position and main publications) untill the 1 of October 2020. Authors who have already a finished unpublished paper are welcome to submit it within an abstract, an bio-bibliographical note and formatted according the Guidelines in order to help the peer review and the publishing process. Papers in their final form, i.e. proof read and formatted according to the journal's Guidelines, should be submitted no later than 30 of November 2020

Papers which are not in accordance with the journal policies and the Submission's Guidelines will not be accepted! For more informations see:

Also welcome are book reviews, interviews, and event reports.

As a multilingual Journal Labyrinth accepts papers in English, French, and German

All abstracts/papers and bio-bliographical notes should be sent to the Journal Editors: labyrinth[at]

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