A (meta)metafísica da ciência
Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo, Jonas R. B. Arenhart (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

part of: II Encontro Nacional de Filosofia no Amapá / I Encontro Nacional Investigação Filosófica
November 17, 2020, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Grupo de Pesquisa Investigação Filosófica, Universidade Federal do Amapá


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Federal University of Amapa

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The National Philosophy Meeting in Amapá (ENFA / UNIFAP) aims to bring together, this year digitally (but usually in Amapá), students and researchers in the area of philosophy, in order to establish a time of presentations and debates per year, in week of the international day of philosophy (from 11/16 to 11/21). ENFA is important for Amapá, as philosophy is a recent development at its universities, and ENFA promises to stimulate research by building networks of academic relationships between researchers and students, both inside and outside Amapá. The meeting of undergraduates and researchers has the advantage of encouraging integration between the various levels of academic research and, in general, research in philosophy at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

This year (2020), the National Philosophy Meeting in Amapá (ENFA) joins the nascent National Philosophical Research Meeting (ENIF). ENIF is a meeting for the Philosophical Research Research Group (GPIF-UNIFAP / DGP-CNPq) to show interested audiences the progress of their research. This group is made up of 19 researchers in philosophy, from many Brazilian universities, and it has existed unofficially since 2010 and officially since 2019. Among the group's productions, we can highlight (i) the Academic Periodical Philosophical Research (UNIFAP), (ii ) the Philosophical Investigation Series, published by Editora da UFPel, of translations of entries from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and other internationally recognized platforms; (iii) the Philosophical Investigation Channel, of videos and podcasts on philosophy (to be launched in September) and (iv) the numerous academic articles, reviews, books and essays that its members have been publishing over the years, whose links are on Philosophical Research Blog. Its permanent members are professors, doctors and doctoral students in philosophy from several Brazilian states, such as Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, UNIRIO, UFF, CPII), Minas Gerais (UFOP, IFTM, UFMG, FDLM), Paraná (UNICENTRO), Santa Catarina ( UFSC, UNISUL), São Paulo (UNICAMP) and Amapá (UNIFAP). The union of these meetings will be formed both by lectures by GPIF members and guests and by communications submitted to ENFA.

While social isolation lasts, the meeting will be held online, and not in person, but it will follow a different model from the webnars held in most online meetings. The lectures (40 to 60 minutes) and communications (20 to 30 minutes) will be recorded previously and will have a premiere on ENFA's YouTube page, along with a live chat chat with the researcher. After the chat, participants will still be able to send questions, in the form of comments on the page, throughout the day of the premiere. The questions that day will be answered the next day, through another video made by the speaker or communicator. The meeting will have 5 active days and 1 passive day. On active days (Monday to Friday), there are new videos of lectures, videos of responses and public participation; but on the passive day (Saturday) there is only posting videos of responses, but not videos of new presentations. The passive day serves as a rest and as a means for the listener to have more time to reach the 20-hour workload, if he wants to request the certificate.

Formal registrations for listeners are made by completing the form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTp7ygRTP7S4L-fjy478w6k5DZx2kdJ6FffxFZ5fc1sH9_2g/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1). The participant who (i) completes and sends the registration form, (ii) is subscribed to the channel and (iii) has proof of presence in 20h of lectures or communications from ENFA-ENIF 2020, until the end time of the meeting (Saturday, 21/11, 23:59). If he reaches at least 75% (15h) of the expected presence, he can request the certificate. Proof of presence and subscription to the channel will be made by sending screenshots of the subscription to the channel and comments made in the chat or on the page during the event. The email for requesting the certificate is enfa.filosofia@gmail.com (subject: Certificate Listener ENFA-ENIF) and must contain, in the body of the email, the full name of the requester, as well as his academic background, his institution of attachment, your phone and email; and, in the annex, the receipts. The deadline for the request is 11/30.

Registration for communicators will occur by filling in the form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTp7ygRTP7S4L-fjy478w6k5DZx2kdJ6FffxFZ5fc1sH9_2g/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1) and sending to enfa.filosofia@gmail.com (subject: ENFA-ENIF registration) a video of up to 3 minutes, maximum of 20mb, where the content of the communication is summarized, along with some personal information in the body of the email. We hope that the video can tell us the title of the communication, its objective, its relevance to the area, its argumentative path and its conclusion. The personal information required in the body of the email is: full name, academic background, current or former university, title of the communication, telephone and email. Registration is open until 09/30. The 15 selected communicators will receive an email with the acceptance until 10/05 and must reply to the email until 10/15 with the video of the complete communication (20 to 30 minutes) as a link in Google Drive.

After the meeting, until 11/30, communicators and speakers must send a written summary of their presentation, with title and 3 to 5 keywords, in Portuguese and in English, to the email previously indicated (subject: Anais Summary) ENFA-ENIF), with the intention of constituting the ENFA-ENIF Proceedings.

The intentions of using this online model are as follows: (i) to avoid contagion by coronavirus; (ii) reduce the economic and personal costs of the meeting; (iii) to depend less on the stability of the internet, since videos are previously recorded; (iv) increase the time for philosophical reflection at meetings; (v) adapt to the time of the pandemic, which requires some versatility in relation to people's schedules. However, even though this is an experimental model for us, we hope to be able to present an interesting meeting for both the public and for communicators and speakers.

Uploaded and accepted videos will be publicly available for free. When submitting any video to the organization or any member of it, its author agrees to authorize its use both by the organization of the National Philosophy Meeting in Amapá and by the Research Group on Philosophical Research. All speakers and communicators retain the rights to their videos, and their use is only required to mention the original publication. All videos submitted must be unpublished until the date of their debut.


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