CFP: A Workshop on Ibn Rushd / Averroes and His Philosophy

Submission deadline: March 1, 2013

Conference date(s):
June 27, 2013 - June 28, 2013

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, Marquette University
Milwaukee, United States

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A Workshop on Ibn Rushd / Averroes and His Philosophy  

27-28 June 2013 at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Presentations by Matteo di Giovanni, Richard C. Taylor, et alii (TBA)  

Organizer:Prof. Richard C. Taylor, Marquette University 

Sponsored by the Aquinas and ‘the Arabs’ International Working Group, for the deeper understanding of Arabic philosophy and its influence  

This is a Two-Day Workshop with the second day devoted to selected contributed papers. 

This Workshop is intended to provide a formal occasion and central location for discussion of the thought of Ibn Rushd / Averroes. Topics to be considered include: philosophy in the Andalusian context; Ibn Rushd and his Greek and Arabic sources; method in philosophy and religion; the nature of human intellect; providence; creation; cosmology; prophecy; the afterlife;  Ibn Rushd and issues of Latin Averroism; and more.  

Conference Proposal Submission Guidelines:  

Contributed papers will be allowed ca. 30 min. for presentation with 15 min. for discussion. 

Established Scholars: send a title and abstract of 150 words. 

Graduate Students: send a title, abstract of 150 words, CV and a supporting letter from your faculty advisor or dissertation director.  

Send applications by email to Prof. Richard C. Taylor at  


The Selection Committee will choose presenters on the basis of quality of proposals (title and abstract) and scholarly record as the primary criteria.  


PROGRAM ANNOUNCED: April. The first review of submissions will take place March 1. This date should be considered the deadline for submissions since it is likely that the conference program will be completed at that time. Presenters will be asked to confirm their participation by paying the registration fee when offered the conference slot. Otherwise the program slot may be offered to one of the alternates.

Conference Registration Fee of $50 includes: refreshments at sessions and a conference dinner 27 June.  

Modestly priced housing may be available on the Marquette campus.

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