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Submission deadline: January 20, 2021

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 Call for Papers IFIJISR NO 13 January 2021



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ICON OF FAITH, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Scientific Research (IFIJISR) promotes scientific research into various fields. IFIJSR, is a journal published and promoted at international level by Ideas Forum International Academic and Scientific Association - IFIASA . ICON OF FAITH is a peer-reviewed journal that carries articles that address theology and philosophical issues from a Christian perspective, discussions of life issues which arise within Christian faith, and articles which deal critically with the philosophical credentials of the Christian faith.

The ICON OF FAITH journal welcomes submissions in all areas of theology and philosophy, from those who do as well as those who do not share its Christian commitment. Widely recognized as the leading journal in its field, Icon of Faith Journal serves the Christian community by articulating Christian faith in a manner that withstands rigorous examination and by exploring the implications of that faith for all aspects of human life.

This Journal provides a platform for the latest scientific research theological and moral-education, encouraging approaches from different areas and points of view.

Articles submitted for publication normally ranges from 3000 to 20000 words, written in English. For more information view

IFIJISR is inviting you for papers to Vol. 7 No. 13, which is scheduled to be published on January, 2021.

Last date of submission of paper: 20th January 2021

Date of notification of acceptance: Within 05 days

Date of publication: Within 05 days after completion of all formalities.

We accept only those manuscripts which are recommended by the reviewers. For more information, visit the official website of the journal:   

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ICON OF FAITH, International Journal of Interdisciplinary Scientific Research

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