Annual Bergen Philosophy of Science Workshop (BPSW 20)

November 19, 2020
Department of Philosophy, Univ. of Bergen, Norway

12 Sydnesplass

All speakers:

University of Oslo
Stockholm University
London School of Economics
University of Bucharest
University of Bristol
University of Edinburgh


University of Bergen

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Bergen Philosophy of Science Workshop 2020

8th edition

Online event. On ZOOM

If interested to attend please send a request to: [email protected] -- by 17 Nov.

Talks are ca. 40 min, followed by Q&A

Time zone: CET / Paris time

Abstracts available here:


9.45 Welcome: log in open

10.00-11.10 Richard Dawid (Stockholm)

How postmodern is cosmic inflation?

Talk based on joint work with Casey McCoy.

11.25-12.35 Roman Frigg (London School of Economics)

Modelling Nature: the DEKI Account

Talk based on joint work with James Nguyen.

13.30-14.40 Dana Jalobeanu (ICUB-Humanities, University of Bucharest)

Baconianism and Newtonianism: a history (and philosophy) of shifting historiographic categories

14.55-16.05 Jo Wolff (University of Edinburgh)

Making concepts measurable

16.30-17.40 Karim Thebault (University of Bristol)

Poincaré, Dark Energy, and the Deadly Robots of Krikkit

Talk based on work with Sean Gryb.

17.55-19.05 Karen Crowther (University of Oslo)

The Role of Singularities in the Search for Quantum Gravity

Talk based on joint work with Sebastian De Haro.

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November 17, 2020, 4:00am CET

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