CFP: Dianoia: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Boston College

Submission deadline: January 15, 2021

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Dianoia, Boston College’s peer-reviewed Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, is currently accepting submissions -- until January 15, 2021 -- for its Spring issue. If any undergraduate editors at Logos are interested in sending a submission for consideration, we would love the opportunity to review it for publication.

Important Guidelines: While we have no maximum or minimum page length, we do request that all submissions comply with Chicago Style citations (footnotes and a complete Bibliography), and that submissions are accessible to an undergraduate audience.  Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. Double submissions are allowed, but we do not accept works that have been published elsewhere.

Please submit to (Include your name, paper title, and university in the submission form, but exclude any identifying information from the document.)

We encourage you to browse our website for past editions of Dianoia as well as for other important information pertaining to our journal.

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The Dianoia Editorial Board

DIANOIA: The Undergraduate Philosophy Journal of Boston College

Print (ISSN: 2476-1818)

Online (ISSN: 2476-1826)

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