2021 Interdisciplinary Online Speaker Series on the Ethics of Argumentation

January 8, 2021 - December 3, 2021
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Florida Institute of Technology
University of Lethbridge

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Interdisciplinary Monthly Online Speaker Series on the Ethics of Argumentation  

We are excited to announce an online speaker series on the Ethics of Argumentation, to take place on every first Friday of the month (except January, where it will be Jan. 8th).

The series hosts a variety of distinguished speakers from many disciplines, including philosophy, political science, communication studies and psychology.  

Topics include the discussion of argumentative duties and virtues, teaching students to behave morally during argument in critical thinking courses, the implications of argumentative behavior of the political climate, the psychology of argumentation's impact on knowledge and ethical behavior in legal argument.

We hope that this speaker series will be a first step towards the development of an interdisciplinary field of research in the ethics of argumentation.  

For more information please visit: https://argumentethics2021.wixsite.com/argumentationethics.  

On the website, you will find our schedule and information about our speakers. You will also be able to sign up to receive notifications before each talk.   A zoom link for the talks will be posted on the website and sent around closer to our first talk.

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