CFP: Online Conference on Philosophical Perspectives on Contemporary Problems

Submission deadline: January 29, 2021

Conference date(s):
March 25, 2021 - March 26, 2021

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Conference Venue:

Georgia Philosophical Society
Athens, United States

Topic areas


This past fall the Georgia Philosophical Society hosted an online workshop on ethical issues in today’s turbulent world. It was a great success in terms of the number and quality of submissions, the size and diversity of the audience, and the liveliness of the discussions. So we decided to do something similar this Spring but with a broader focus that includes not only ethics, but all areas of philosophy. The conference will take place on the afternoons of Thursday 3/25 and Friday 3/26.

Each speaker will present for ten minutes, followed by ten minutes of questions and discussion. We’ll try to work around the presenters’ schedules in setting a precise time for the session(s).

We welcome submissions from professional philosophers (an academic appointment in a philosophy department is not necessary) and graduate students working in philosophy. Membership in the Georgia Philosophical Society is not required.

Here are just a few examples of possible topics:

  • Fake news, echo chambers, and epistemic responsibility
  • The nature and role of scientific authority
  • Social ontology and identities in the contemporary world
  • Artificial intelligence and the threat to privacy
  • The compatibility of capitalism with environmentalism
  • Equitable distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Rethinking the history of philosophy
  • Pandemic aesthetics

The deadline for submitting abstracts (200-300 words) is January 29, 2021. Please send an email including name, institution (if applicable), current position, title of your presentation, and an abstract to Questions may be sent to that email address.

Supporting material

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