Logia Interdisciplinary PG Conference - "Women and God"

May 27, 2021
Logia - School of Divinity , University of St Andrews

South Street
St Andrews KY16 9JU
United Kingdom

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  • St Leonards Graduate School

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We invite short paper submissions on the theme of "Women and God". Any student currently enrolled in a postgraduate degree programme is welcome to apply by submitting a 100-250 word abstract to logiatheology@gmail.com

Topics might include, but are not limited to: Feminist philosophy of religion and theology, Feminist hermeneutics; The life or thought of women in relation to spirituality; Close engagement with female theologians or philosophers; Theological depictions of women in the arts; Questions of religious authority and female bodies; Female-images of the divine or other feminine religious symbols (e.g. the church as the ‘bride of Christ’, Gaia, Uzza, or The Morrίgan); Discussions of religious devotion that have been historically associated with women’s spirituality; The role of women in religious movements

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