CFP: Special Issue: Latin American feminist policies on knowledge and knowledges

Submission deadline: May 1, 2021

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Special Issue (Call for Papers) 

Latin American feminist policies on knowledge and knowledges


Latin American Journal of Political Philosophy (

Invited Editors

Diana Maffía & Danila Suárez Tomé


The field of critical studies has shown the close relationship between knowledge and power to identify what counts knowledge and who can produce valid knowledge. However, the early debates on knowledge politics, even when they revealed numerous inequalities in epistemic practices, lacked a gender perspective. Developments in feminist epistemology put the spotlight on gender inequalities that cut across the field of knowledge production. In Latin America, this crossroads between critical and feminist perspectives only occurred in the 1980s.

Potential Topics

Decolonial feminisms

Southern feminist epistemologies

Epistemic resistances

Feminist science policies

Genres, knowledge, and power

Languages and subjects of knowledge


May 1st, 2021


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