CFP: On Religion: Definition, Delimitation, and Application

Submission deadline: December 14, 2011

Conference date(s):
February 24, 2012 - February 25, 2012

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Conference Venue:

Religious Studies Department, Indiana University
Bloomington, United States

Topic areas


What is religion? How can this term be delimited? How do a scholar's methodological commitments (e.g., ethical, historical, literary, philosophical) relate to the practice of delimitation? Do such methodological commitments inform different approaches with which to study religion, or do they presume different concepts of religion? What might be ways of hosting conversations about these things even as scholars' terms are in flux?

The Religious Studies Department at Indiana University invites papers for a graduate symposium exploring and questioning how scholars apply, construct, and/or interpret "religion." The aim is to open  conversation(s) across (sub)disciplinary boundaries. To this end, we welcome papers from graduate students working on topics including: the anthropology of religion, the philosophy of religion, the history of religions, religion and literature, religious ethics, and theories of religion, among others.

The conference will be held in Bloomington on February 24-25, 2012 (Friday/Saturday). Each panel will consist of three presentations of about twenty minutes each, a graduate student chair, and a faculty  respondent. Each presenter will also have a chance to answer questions during a general discussion period after each panel.

Please submit:

  1. Either a 2 - 3 page abstract of your proposed paper OR your completed paper. Please format your abstract or completed paper for blind review: the text should include your title but should otherwise be free of personal and institutional information. A separate cover page should include your title; your name; e-mail address, and institutional information.
  2. Please also include a brief abstract (100 words maximum) for inclusion in the program.

Submissions are due via e-mail (in PDF) on December 14, 2011. Papers will be refereed by juries composed of current graduate students in the Religious Studies Department at Indiana University.

Contact: [email protected] Department of Religious Studies Indiana University Sycamore Hall 230 Bloomington, IN 47405-7005

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