Phenomenology & Ethics

April 23, 2021 - April 25, 2021
Boston College, Boston University

United States

All speakers:

Emory University
Boston University
Concordia University
Amherst College
Boston College
Boston College
New School for Social Research
Boston College
Pennsylvania State University
Boston College
Boston College
University of Parma
Boston University
DePaul University
George Washington University

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The fifth annual symposium of the Boston Phenomenology Circle, Phenomenology & Ethics, will take place online on April 23-25, 2021.

Speakers: David Carr (New School / Emory), Daniel Dahlstrom (BU), John Drabinski (Maryland), Greg Fried (BC), Mariana Ortega (Penn State), John Sallis (BC), Andrea Staiti (Parma), Gail Weiss (George Washington).

Respondents: Marie-Hélène Desmeules (Sherbrooke), Joel Van Fossen (BU), P.J. Gorre (New School / Pratt), Elisa Magrì (BC), Christine Rojcewicz (BC), Rafael Vizcaíno (DePaul), Jeong Eun Annabel We (Northwestern, starting Fall 2021)

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