The Relationship Between Science and Ethics: The Fourth Annual [email protected] Conference

March 13, 2021 - March 14, 2021

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  • Department of Philosophy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Keynote speakers:

Michigan State University


University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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The Fourth Annual [email protected] Philosophy Conference

March 13–14, 2021 (Online)

Deadline for registration: March 1, 2021

All times listed are Eastern Time.


8:45–9:00:       Opening Remarks: Linh Mac, President, [email protected] 

9:00–9:45:       “Why a Thin Interpretation of the Public Standards Norm Is not Sufficient for        Philosophy of Social Sciences”

                       Teemu Lari, University of Helsinki

10:00–10:45:   “Individual Ethical Reflection and Collective Ethical Labor: A Case Study from Personalised Medicine” 

                       Vincenzo Politi, University of Oslo 

11:00–11:45:   “Should Forensic Science be Values-Free?”

                       Michał Sikorski, Gdańsk University

12:00–2:00:     Lunch (Social Session from 1:20–2:00)

2:00–2:45:       “Divergent Values and Trust in Science”

                       Michael Pope, Boston College

3:00–4:30:       Keynote Speaker Introduction: Jacob Smith, Vice President, [email protected] 

                        Keynote Address: Heather Douglas (Michigan State University)

                       “Responsibility and Accountability in Science”

SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 2021


9:00–9:45:       “Hacking’s Human Kinds and the Ethics of Participatory Science”

                        Georgia Aitkenhead, The Alan Turing Institute and LSE

                         Susanna Fantoni, The Alan Turing Institute and LSE

                         Ismael Kherroubi Garcia, The Alan Turing Institute and LSE

10:00–10:45:   “Avian Flu, Non-proliferation Laws, and the Ethics of ‘Dual-use Research of Concern’” 

                        Ahmad Elabbar, University of Cambridge

 11:00–11:45:   “Randomized Controlled Trials and the Role of the Individual”

                        Melissa Rees, University of Toronto

12:00–2:00:     Lunch (Social Session from 1:202:00)

2:00–2:45:       “Function and Model Pathologies: How Fake News Keeps Us Dumb”

                       Seth Goldwasser, University of Pittsburgh

3:00–3:45:       “Cognitive Enhancers and Universities”

                        Trevor Hedberg, The Ohio State University 

3:45–4:00:       Closing Remarks: Linh Mac, President, [email protected]

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March 5, 2021, 7:00pm EST

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