First Austrian Summer School in Phenomenology: Phenomenological Approaches to Epistemology, Metaethics, and Metaphysics

September 6, 2021 - September 8, 2021
Department of Philosophy (Section Phenomenology), University of Graz


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University of Jyväskylä
Boston University
University of Kentucky
University of Copenhagen


University of Graz
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
University of Graz

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The Austrian Society for Phenomenology launches its first international summer school. Our objective is to promote the research of young scholars (bachelor, master, and doctoral students) that sheds new phenomenological light on current debates in epistemology, metaethics, and metaphysics. Husserl’s conceptions of originary givenness, evaluative experience, and eidetic intuition are among the various seminal contributions we find in the phenomenological tradition. Currently, promising research is done that utilizes such conceptions in order to develop phenomenological perspectives on experiential justification, the debate between epistemic internalism and externalism, the theory of value, (moral) emotions, moral epistemology, issues surrounding metaphysical realism and anti-realism, as well as the epistemology and metaphysics of modality. We would like to encourage students to develop phenomenological insights and teachings systematically and in view of contemporary debates in philosophy. Our ambition is to promote such phenomenological research by providing a platform to connect with, discuss with, and receive feedback from peers and experts. Each conference day is devoted to one of the subtopics of the event. The conference will be an online event.

Preliminary schedule

September 6

Phenomenological Approaches to Epistemology

Walter Hopp: TBA

Philipp Berghofer: TBA

3 student presentations

September 7

Phenomenological Approaches to Metaethics

Sara Heinämaa: TBA

Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl: TBA

3 student presentations

September 8

Phenomenological Approaches to Metaphysics

Dan Zahavi: TBA

Michael Wallner: TBA

3 student presentations

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