Mini-Conference on the Axiology of Theism (online)

June 28, 2021 - June 30, 2021

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University of Birmingham
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Ryerson University

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Would God’s existence, nature, or activity make things better, worse, or neither? Would things be better, worse, or neither in certain respects, or overall? What sort of ‘things’ might be better, worse, or neither on theism: worlds? states of affairs? the lives of persons? Why? How can we tell?

The topic such questions explore has come to be called “the axiology of theism”, since the contributors to this literature have sought to assess the axiological import that theism would (or does) have. 

In recent years, pro-theists have argued that things are better on theism than they would otherwise be. For example, they have held that God guarantees ultimate cosmic justice, ensures that human lives are meaningful, and sees to it that no evil is gratuitous.

On the other hand, anti-theists have urged that things are worse on theism than they would otherwise be. For example, they have held that God’s existence compromises our privacy, undermines our dignity, reduces our capacity to understand the universe, renders morality incoherent, and makes some lives meaningless and absurd.

Apart from pro-theism and anti-theism, there are other positions one might take. For example,  one might hold that things are neither better nor worse as a result of God’s existence, nature, or activity, or that we should suspend judgment about the relevant axiological comparison.

The organizers welcome submissions that tackle any aspect of this topic. 

Abstracts of approximately 500 words should be sent to [email protected] by May 15th, 2021.

Authors whose abstracts are selected will be notified by June 1st, 2021, and will be offered an honorarium of $200CAD.

This event is supported by Ryerson University and LCC International University.

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