Equality in Immigration

May 17, 2021 - May 19, 2021

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New York University

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The workshop Equality in Immigration will explore what realizing equality demands in the realm of immigration. The questions discussed may include: what is the connection between immigration policy and racial inequality? Under what circumstances might immigration enhance inequality? Can the value of equality explain the right to emigrate? What might it mean to relate to immigrants as equals? How might insights from the Marxist tradition of political thought be fruitfully brought to bear on issues of migration? Does equality require that noncitizens be given voting rights?

The workshop is a pre-read format and will take place over two nonconsecutive days. To RSVP, contact Daniel Sharp at [email protected]. The schedule is below.

Monday, May 17th (all times CET)
1:00pm-1:40: Lawrence Huang-Racial Inequality, Reparative Justice, and the Migration and Development Nexus
1:40-2:20: Sara Amighetti – TBD
2:35-3:15: Thorben Knobloch–Equality and Political Judgement on Global Freedom of Movement
3:15-4:00: Dan Guillery & Tyler Zimmer - Equality, Marginalisation and Injustice in Gentrifying Migratory Flows

Wednesday, May 19th (all times CET)

2:00-2:45: Daniel Sharp-The Right to Leave: Equality and Exit
2:50-3:35: Maja Sidzińska - De-Alienation: A Marxist Principle for Migration Justice
3:45-4:30: Joseph Cloward-The Case for Noncitizen Voting Rights

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May 14, 2021, 9:00am EST

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