Claire Fontaine. "Magical Materials". A Planetary Conversation with Giovanbattista Tusa
Claire Fontaine, Giovanbattista Tusa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Giovanbattista Tusa (Univerdade Nova de Lisboa)

April 26, 2021, 9:00am - 9:30am

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Claire Fontaine with Giovanbattista Tusa on "Magical Materialism". Born from an idea of Giovanbattista Tusa in collaboration with The Philosophical Salon, “Planetary Conversations” is an attempt to reimagine the shape of an engaged public philosophy for the age of a pandemic and mass quarantines. Putting in touch philosophers, artists, and activists we seek to create a space for encounters between distinct places and times that, so we hope, are nevertheless not definitively separate, not definitively lost to each other. Planetary Conversations include Jean-Luc Nancy, Slavoj Zizek, Claire Fontaine, Amanda Boetzkes, Srecko Horvat, Michael Marder, and more.

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