Bridges between the epistemology and the phenomenology of understanding

May 13, 2021 - May 14, 2021

This event is online


  • Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI), Romania


University of Western Ontario
University of Virginia
University of Bucharest
University of Iceland
Harvard University
Fordham University
Middlebury College
University of Bucharest
Bilkent University
University of Pittsburgh


University of Bucharest

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We are delighted to announce an online conference co-hosted by the Department of Theoretical Philosophy and ICUB at the University of Bucharest. The conference, held on May 13-14, 2021, is titled ‘Bridges between the epistemology and the phenomenology of understanding’.


Thursday, May 13

3.30pm Ro / 8.30am EST Opening remarks (Mircea Dumitru, Viorel Vizureanu, Constantin Stoenescu)
4pm Ro / 9am EST Mircea Dumitru (U. Bucharest), “Knowledge and Understanding Between the Analytic Approach and the Knowledge First Approach. Is Becoming Aware of What One Knows Validated by the KK Principle?”
5pm Ro / 10am EST Stephen Grimm (Fordham), “Knowledge, Understanding, Know-How, and Wisdom: An Epistemic Guide”
6pm Ro / 11am EST Catherine Elgin (Harvard, keynote speaker), “Awareness, Apperception, and Understanding”
7pm Ro / 12pm EST Kareem Khalifa (Middlebury), “Should Friends and Frenemies of Understanding be Friends?”
8pm Ro / 1pm EST David Bourget (UWO), “Understanding and phenomenology”
9pm Ro / 2pm EST Daniel Wilkenfeld (Pittsburgh), “Simply Understanding the World: Patterns and Compression”

Friday, May 14

4pm Ro / 9am EST Sorin Costreie (U. Bucharest), “Russell’s Acquaintance: Logic vs. Epistemology”
5pm Ro / 10am EST Andrei Mărăşoiu (U. Bucharest), “Understanding: Conscious Experience and Epistemic Norms”
6pm Ro / 11am EST James Cargile (UVa, keynote speaker), “Identifying Assertions and Predications”
7pm Ro / 12pm EST Finnur Dellsén (U. Iceland), “Gaining Understanding”
8pm Ro / 1pm EST Monica Solomon (Stanford), ” Understanding vs. Imagination: The Role of Mathematics in Thought Experiments”

Making the conference known is thanks to the selfless work of several colleagues at the University of Bucharest. Daniela Maria (Center for Excellence in Image Study, CESI) designed a fantastic poster. Iulia Niţescu (Research Institute, Humanities Division, ICUB) and Lilian Ciachir (UNESCO department at UB) helped promote the conference on the University's pages, as did the PR department at UB.

The conference is sponsored by the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI) in Romania, via the postdoctoral grant PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2019-0535 received by Andrei Mărăşoiu, and hosted by the Humanities Division of the Research Institute at the University of Bucharest.

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May 12, 2021, 11:45pm EET

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