CFP: Vol. 16, N. 1/2022 Cinema, thought and language (guest editor Alessia Cervini)

Submission deadline: November 30, 2021

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During the first and a half century since the birth of cinema, we have learnt that, first, cinema is art, and then - a little later - that it is also language. The point is to comprehend what does this mean exactly nowadays, if we assume as a starting point for any of our reflections the idea of Lev Vygotskij who states that not only there is no primordial link between thought and language, but also that this link must be seen as a result of human evolution. If this is true, we can argue that, as a consequence, cinema - being language - has been able to modify our way of thinking, that is to shape new concepts, which would have never existed without the presence of cinema. Among others, Gilles Deleuze endorsed this theory. The main goal of this issue of RIFL is precisely to investigate the mysterious relation - mysterious because it is prone to progressive mutations - between cinema and language and then, among cinema, language and the forms of thought able to be produced.

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