Summer School on Basic income: communism, liberalism and republicanism

July 15, 2013 - July 17, 2013
Universidade do Minho



Stuart White
Oxford University

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The School will consider the ethical arguments surrounding the idea of unconditional basic income, focusing specifically on arguments appealing to interpretations of communism, liberalism and republicanism. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these arguments? How successfully do they meet the main ethical objections to basic income, including the objection, itself derivable from within currents of socialist, liberal and republican thought, that basic income is unfair because it allows some who are able to work to live off the labour of their fellow citizens? 


Day 1 Morning (July 18)

10h00 Lecture 1: The communist case for basic income


  1. David Jenkins, A work-less future 
  2. Juliana Bidadanure,   A Basic Income for Young People

Day 1 Afternoon

15h00 Lecture 2: The liberal case for basic income


Simone Michelangelo Muzzioli ,  Basic Income between labour transformations and welfare shrinkage: a Bourdiuesian glance on biocapitalism era

Day 2 Morning (July 19)

10h00 Lecture 3: The republican case for basic income


  1. Michele Loi, The technological case for basic income 
  2. Stanislas Jourdan, Basic income and the collaborative economy

Day 2 Afternoon

15h00 Lecture 4: The exploitation objection to basic income


Catherine Lawlor, Ethics of Labour

Day 3 Morning (July 20)

10h00 Lecture 5: Basic income or basic capital?


  1. Matthew Johnson, Wellbeing, Culture and UBI
  2. Pedro Teixeira, Universal Basic Income: Progress or Regression?

Day 3 Afternoon

15h00 Lecture 6: Is basic income feasible?


Miriam Krebber, A question of feasibility.

Fee: 50 euros

Inscription : Please send a short letter of motivation and CV by e-mail to Roberto Merrill ([email protected]) by 15 April 2013. 

Information about registration, accommodation and travelling will soon be available online at the School's site:

This event is organized by the Political Theory Group of CEHUM, University of Minho (Braga).

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April 15, 2013, 10:00am +01:00

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