CFP: XIII International Conference «Theoretical and Applied Ethics: Traditions and Prospects - 2021. Ethics as Research and Profession»

Submission deadline: September 30, 2021

Conference date(s):
November 18, 2021 - November 20, 2021

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, Saint Petersburg State University
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Topic areas


The mission of the conference is the historical analysis of ethical categories as well as the research of the most important moral phenomena of present-day society and current issues of practical philosophy and applied ethics.  In 2021, we turn to a difficult issue what is the place and role of ethics at the beginning of the XXI century:

- Whether so-called "classical" ethics has lost its relevance?

- Could we enounce that the dramatic changes in the status and role of ethical thought have taken place at the turn of the centuries?

- What is applied ethics?

- Whether morality is squeezed out the public life?

- If the professional study of ethics is necessary or possible?

It is clear that the new moral questions have emerged in today’s context (e.g. ethics of artificial intelligence). However, some old problems grow worse, as the problem violence, discrimination etc. We find it challenging to detect the frame for the ethical discourse to be used in solving abovementioned problems both in the public space and in professional activity.

The tradition of running international ethical conferences at Saint-Petersburg University began in 2007. The permanent team was built in the previous years and it allows implementing the scientific and publishing partnership. We invite BA, MA and PhD to participate in young scientists’ workshops. The conference has wide spread geography: Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Murmansk etc.) Lithuania, Finland, Spain, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Japan, Iran and Kuwait.

The conference is held both in person and online.

The proceedings of the conference with ISSN are indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (РИНЦ).

Conference languages: Russian, English

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