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Submission deadline: August 15, 2021

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Open call for papers for Philosophy World Democracy:

Philosophy World Democracy is now accepting submissions. We are a new open access online journal which publishes short, accessible philosophical and theoretical reflections that aim to speak to a wide audience. Conceived from the start as a multilingual journal with a focus on global perspectives, we welcome submissions in any language.

Led by Divya Dwivedi (IIT Delhi), the editorial team is formed of philosophers and thinkers from across the world. Our first issues have included original contributions by Jean-Luc Nancy, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Shaj Mohan, Mariana Ortega, Rodolphe Gasché, Silyane Larcher, Robert Bernasconi, Sergio Benvenuto, Kris Sealey, and Jean-Pierre Dupuy among others.

Information about Submissions:

Philosophy World Democracy publishes a wide range of contributions (philosophical articles, essays, reviews, excerpts, podcasts). We also publish articles engaging theoretically with issues that are topical from the journal’s point of view. Articles already published cannot be republished in PWD, but we are open to publishing translations of already published material in other languages. Before submitting the final version of your contribution, we invite you to send a concept note explaining the main points of your proposed article, interview or book review for discussion with the editors.

Philosophy World Democracy is a multilingual journal – it solicits articles in all languages. Should you wish to submit an essay in a language that is not spoken by one of our editors or editorial board members, we will do our best to secure an expert who does. Most articles we publish are under 4,000 words, though longer essays will also be considered.

Please send your proposals and submissions to: [email protected]

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