Sharif International School On Theism: East And West

August 23, 2021 - September 2, 2021

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Sharif University Of Technology
Saginaw Valley State University
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Indiana University, Bloomington
Monash University
Oxford University
Florida State University

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“Sharif International School on Theism: East and West” is a philosophical-theological event to be held in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The three categories of “God”, “man” and “nature” are the focus of these schools for three consecutive years. The first school is centered on “God” and, its Main themes: God; Concepts, Proofs, Attributes and Actions. ”Sharif International School on Theism: East and West” has gathered several most influential philosophers in the field to deliver their lectures on the relevant topics. Students and scholars from all around the world are more than welcome to join this interesting event which will be held from August 23 to September 2, 2021.

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