June 21, 2021 - June 24, 2021
Department of Philosophy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  I  The Centre for Moral and Political Philosophy

2021 Annual Conference: Desert (June 21-24, 2021, Online)

Monday, June 21, 2021

Session 1                     George Sher, Rice University

                                   What is Culpable about Culpable Moral Ignorance?

                                   Chair: David Enoch, The Hebrew University

Session 2                     Dana Nelkin, University of California, San Diego

                                   Quality of Will and Control: Concepts and Conceptions

                                   Chair:  Ram Rivlin, The Hebrew University

Session 3                     Elinor Mason, University of California, Santa Barbara

                                   Consent and Consensuality

                                    Chair: Ori Herstein, The Hebrew University

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Session 4                     Heidi Hurd, University of Illinois

                                   Desert-Based Theories of Debt-Relief

                                   Chair: Daniel Telech, The Van Leer Institute

Session 5                     Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Aarhus University

                                   Is Discrimination Wrong Because It Is Undeserved? 

                                   Chair: Oded Naaman, The Hebrew University

Session 6                     Michael Moore, University of Illinois

                           The Ethical Implications of Proportioning Punishment to Deontological  Desert

                                   Chair: Naama Goldberg, New York University

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Session 7                     Christopher Bennet, University of Sheffield

                                   Desert and Dissociation

                                   Chair: Anastasia Berg, The Hebrew University

Session 8                     Richard Arneson, University of California, San Diego

                                   Should We Reward the Deserving? Some Puzzles

                                   Chair: Dan Baras, The Hebrew University

Session 9                     Erin Kelly, Tufts University

                                   Accountability in Criminal Justice: Personal or Political?

                                   Chair: Leora Dahan Katz, The Hebrew University

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Session 10                   Youngjae Lee, Fordham University

                                   Moral Wrongs, Criminal Wrongs, and Mala Prohibita

                                   Chair: Miri Gur-Arye, The Hebrew University

Session 11                   Saul Smilansky, Haifa University

                                   The Uses of Meta-Desert

                                   Chair: Daniel Attas, The Hebrew University

Times Session 1:   California 8:00-9:20         UK 16:00-17:20          Israel 18:00-19:20

          Session 2:   California 9:40-11:00       UK 17:40-19:00          Israel 19:40-21:00

          Session 3:   California 11:20-12:40     UK 19:20-21:00         Israel 21:20-22:40

The conference is free; to register, write to [email protected].

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June 20, 2021, 12:00pm +02:00

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