CFP: Islamic Philosophical Tradition - Journal of "Hekmat e Mo'aser" (Contemporary Wisdom)

Submission deadline: September 30, 2021

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The Journal of “Hekmat e Mo’aser” (Contemporary Wisdom), for its upcoming issues, invites researchers around the world from different research centers and universities, with a wide range of academic backgrounds related to Islamic philosophical tradition to submit their articles to the journal.

The next issues (2021-2022) will accept both research papers and reviews in Farsi (originally written or translated). Case studies on a certain issue or, history of ideas approaches, critical reviews, comparative investigations, and innovative ideas on the revival of the Islamic philosophical tradition for the contemporary world are welcomed. Submitted manuscripts are double-blind reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers. Manuscripts that are not within the scope of the journal would be returned to the authors without a formal review.

To submit a manuscript for consideration in “Hekmat e Mo’aser” (Contemporary Wisdom) please follow the Guide for Author’s link at: You can submit your manuscript using the link:
*Please consider that the articles for the next three issues are to be written in Farsi. English articles will be translated in Farsi by the journal and translator name will be mentioned.
*Hekmat e Mo’aser considers and publishes all of the received articles for free. No fee would be
required for any part of the submission and publishing process.
For more information, please visit the journal website at: or contact via [email protected].

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