Digital Technologies, Human Experience and Law

September 24, 2021
Centre for Law, Ethics and Digital Technologies, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

84-A Pushkinska
Kharkiv 61024

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Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University

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Digital Technologies, Human Experience and Law

Format: In person and online

Location: Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Date: September 24, 2021

Proposal Submission Deadline: August 25, 2021

Submission email: [email protected]

Centre for Law, Ethics and Digital Technologies (Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University), announces a call for proposals for an interdisciplinary workshop aiming to combine the perspectivesof sciences, philosophy and jurisprudence of the transformation of law in the digital age.

Digital technologies are radically changing the human experience, from whose structure such seemingly purely human components as thinking and action are gradually disappearing. Technology, which was initially designed to be part of our lives, is displacing the human experience as such. For the first time, the unprecedented pace of technology development provides one with a tangible opportunity to get rid of all the difficulties that accompany the action, and which are combined in the concept of responsibility.

On the other hand, technology itself is becoming increasingly autonomous and independent of human intervention.Concepts such as freedom of will, self-awareness and self-determination become too vague to serve as defining criteria for a legal subject. The range of potential carriers of autonomy is growing broader. At the same time, the ideas of autonomy, action and responsibility remain the basis of present day legal institutions. However, hasn’t this foundation become too fragile to continue to support the great building of law?

Suggested topics or questions that a proposal could address include:

  • How radically does the human experience change in the digital age and does it remain human? Or, perhaps, technology only sheds light on the fact that we have never been who we think we are?

  • Does a human being still maintain a monopoly on the agency in the world of digital technology?

  • Should we not reconsider our traditional notions of free will and human agency, and along with them the classical notions of jurisprudence and the concept of law as such?

  • Does the idea of democracy still make sense in the context of governance automation and given the broad rangeof opportunities for manipulation through technology?

  • Could justice be algorithmized and can decisions based on artificial intelligence promote justice in society?

  • Is there still room for legal responsibility in a world where free action is replaced by risk minimization algorithms?

  • Is there still a place for law at all, and if so, how should we rethink the latter in the digital age?

Details for Proposal Submissions: proposals should be submitted in an abstract of no more than 350 words and must indicate whether it will be presented in person or online. Also, please provide your name, affiliation and position. Individual presentations at the conference + discussion will be about 30 minutes.

All proposals or questions may be submitted via email to Yulia Razmetaeva and Natalia Satokhina ([email protected]).

Deadlines: Proposals for presentations are due August 25, 2021. The program of the seminar will be formed by September 10, 2021.

More Information:

The event is due to take place within the V Kharkiv International Legal Forum.

The languages of the workshop are English and Ukrainian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Participation in the event is free.

A special issue of the academic journal “Philosophy of Law and General Theory of Law” (Ukrainian peer-reviewed open access journal; for more details see: will be published based on the results of the workshop. The deadline for articles submissions: November 30, 2021.

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