CFP: Synthese Topical Collection on Knowledge First Epistemology

Submission deadline: December 31, 2021

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Synthese Topical Collection ‘Knowledge First Epistemology’

Guest editors:

Christoph Kelp, University of Glasgow

Mona Simion, University of Glasogw

Description of topic: 

This topical collection focuses on knowledge first epistemology. Knowledge first epistemology constitutes a novel framework for doing epistemology, an alternative to the orthodox view. Orthodoxy takes knowledge to admit of reductive analysis in terms of true belief and a set of further epistemic properties such as justification, evidence, etc. One of the key ambitions of the orthodox view is to give an analysis of knowledge, as well as of key epistemic properties that feature in the analysis of knowledge. Knowledge first epistemology, in contrast, thinks that this ambition is misguided. Knowledge does not admit of analysis, at least not of the sort that the orthodox view sought after. Instead, knowledge first epistemology takes knowledge as a starting point of epistemological theorising and attempts to analyse key epistemic properties – especially those that orthodoxy has taken to feature in the analysis of knowledge, such as justification and evidence – in terms of knowledge. However, knowledge first epistemology has also seen a variety of further ways in which knowledge has been put to use in epistemological theorising, including the theory of understanding, knowledge how, epistemic norms and epistemic value. 

Appropriate topics for submission includes, among others:

·      Knowledge first accounts of epistemic statuses: knowledge, understanding, justification, evidence, etc.

·      Knowledge first accounts of epistemic norms and values

·      Alternatives to knowledge first epistemology

·      Knowledge first formal epistemology

·      Knowledge as a state of mind

·      Knowledge first solutions to epistemological problems: scepticism, the new evil demon, the lottery, the preface, etc.

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The deadline for submissions is 31.12.2021. Submissions should be made through the electronic editorial system at

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Mona Simion, [email protected]

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