Introduction to Jean-Luc Marion and the Political Public Sphere
Konstantin F. Tringas, Konstantin F. Tringas

August 20, 2021, 11:00am - 12:30pm
Department of Philosophy, Catholic Theological College

278 Victoria Pde
East Melbourne

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Abstract The paper begins by situating the potential contribution of Marion’s philosophy within the broader Habermas/Taylor debate on the conduct of discourse in the Post-Secular Public Sphere. The paper then moves on to discuss a number of themes that relate to this broader debate. These include the following: Marion’s analysis of inter-subjectivity as a supplement to Habermas’ communicative action. Marion’s attempt to restore the virtue of love. The universal and the particular individual. Can Marion’s philosophy be considered a religious contribution? The private and the public sphere. Marion as a- or anti-political. The translation of love and charity into public hospitality and friendship. Love and justice. The knowledge of love versus the deeds of love. In between Habermas and Marion – hermeneutic dialogue and mutual learning in the public sphere.  

Online via Zoom

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne, this event has been moved from in-person to online via Zoom. To request the zoom link, please contact [email protected] (you will be put on a list and receive a BCC email including the zoom link in the hours before the seminar begins).

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