CFP: Call for papers: Epistemic Injustices

Submission deadline: September 30, 2021

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Call for Papers

Epistemic Injustices

No 66, June-December 2022

Estudios de Filosofía

Philosophy journal

Invited editors:

Carlos Garzón (Universidad de Antioquia)

Diana Acosta-Navas (Harvard University)

The concept of epistemic injustice has been a focus of interest in contemporary philosophical discussions. The conceptualization of epistemic injustice echoes the need to erase the apparent boundaries between epistemology and other areas of philosophy. This dialogue highlighted the connections between epistemic relations and other kinds of social interaction. It helped us understand that the participation of certain groups in the production of knowledge and the configuration of its evaluation standards is vulnerable to marginalization by agential and structural powers. The way in which these power relations are shaped leads, in turn, to more generalized oppression and discrimination towards these groups. While Miranda Fricker identified two kinds of epistemic injustice - Testimonial Injustice and Hermeneutic Injustice - recent philosophical approaches have accounted for other varieties of epistemic injustice that are not aligned with that initial distinction. The contributions in this thematic issue will be oriented to the philosophical analysis of the different ways in which epistemic injustices (in plural) are conceived and perpetrated.

Estudios de Filosofía is the name of the journal published by the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Antioquia. The journal accepts papers in Spanish and English.


Deadline: 30 September 2021

Word limit: 10.000

Email: [email protected]

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