Georgia Philosophical Society: Philosophical Perspectives on Rights, Obligations, and Freedom

December 2, 2021 - December 3, 2021
Georgia Philosophical Society

United States

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Georgia Philosophical Society

2021 Online Conference on Philosophical Perspectives on Rights, Obligations, and Freedom

Call for Abstracts

Over the past year, the Georgia Philosophical Society has hosted online workshops in the Fall and Spring on issues in today’s turbulent world. Having been a great success in terms of the number and quality of submissions, the size and diversity of the audience, and the liveliness of the discussions, we will host another this Fall, with a focus on Rights, Obligation, and Freedom, broadly construed. The recent vaccine mandate issued by President Biden, debates about mask mandates in public schools and universities, the Texas law banning abortion after 6 weeks and allowing private citizens to sue those who assist persons seeking abortions, ongoing concerns about the rights and responsibilities of social media platforms, and the looming threats of climate change all provoke (and require) thoughtful consideration of our rights, accompanying obligations, and their relationships to freedom.

The conference will take place on the afternoons of Thursday 12/2 and Friday 12/3. Each speaker will present for ten minutes, followed by ten minutes of questions and discussion. We’ll try to work around the presenters’ schedules in setting a precise time for the session(s).

We invite abstract submissions exploring these concepts from professional philosophers (an academic appointment in a philosophy department is not necessary) and graduate students working in philosophy. Membership in the Georgia Philosophical Society is not required.

Some examples of possible topics are:

·         Rights as obligation

·         The promotion of freedom in the modern world; are rights the best path?

·         Conflicts (and resolutions) between individual freedoms and the common good

·         Rights and obligations in relation to climate change/environmental destruction

·         The Texas abortion law: rights violation or promotion of freedom?

·         Mandates and justice

·         Social media and the promotion of freedom

·         Social media and social obligation

·         Social media and speech

·         Freedom of speech and false speech: Do we have the right to lie?

The deadline for submitting abstracts (200-300 words) is October 18, 2021. Please send an email including name, institution (if applicable), current position, title of your presentation, and an abstract to [email protected]. Questions may also be sent to that email address.

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