CFP: The Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Jurisprudence

Submission deadline: November 15, 2021

Topic areas


The Cambridge Handbook of Experimental Jurisprudence (Cambridge University Press) is seeking several contributed chapters. Authors are invited to submit abstracts between 500-1000 words for consideration. Of special interest are (a) proposals for chapters that critique experimental jurisprudence, and (b) proposals for chapters that reflect diverse (e.g. cross-cultural, cross-linguistic, comparative, or non-Western) perspectives related to experimental jurisprudence.

The collection of invited and contributed chapters will focus on recent research from experimental jurisprudence (“XJur”), such as research on legal concepts, legal interpretation, and the relationship between law and morality. The collection will also include chapters on methodological innovations in XJur, cross-cultural and cross-linguistic research, and the relationship between experimental jurisprudence and philosophy of law. Some chapters will offer broad introductions to recent research, while other chapters will present original empirical studies or comment on more specific debates in XJur.   


Deadline: 15 November 2021

Please include (1) an anonymized abstract of 500-1000 words and (2) a separate list of all authors and current affiliations to: Professor Kevin Tobia, [email protected]

Chapters for accepted abstracts will be due by August 1, 2022.

Supporting material

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