CFP: Publication in journal "Social Phenomena". Topic: identity and giftedness

Submission deadline: October 30, 2021


Dear colleagues,

We invite you to take part in a scientific discussion that will take place within the covers of the journal "Social Phenomena". The field of the upcoming discussion will include two guiding topics: the identity of the gifted and the identification of giftedness.

The issue of giftedness as a social, psychological and educational phenomenon is often studied through the prism of individual abilities. Practitioners point out that the uniqueness of a gifted person implies the same unique approach to identification and development his/her talents. The need for an individual approach raises legitimate questions: do gifted individuals have something in common besides the difficulties of development and formation of their talents? Is it possible to single out a common essential characteristic from the whole variety of forms of giftedness? In other words, what is the basis of the identity of a gifted person?

We believe that answering these questions will help us find the key to solving other issues, including the identification of giftedness. In the search for giftedness we cannot focus only on the high level abilities as they may be hidden/potential/non-actualized. The achievements and success of an individual also cannot be named the universal criterion of giftedness, since success primarily indicates the correct socialization of an individual and his/her attempt to assimilate social norms and functions, however, it does not guarantee that the person is  gifted. The same thing is with action: it is impossible to name action as the main criterion of giftedness without determining the specifics of the action that a gifted person can (or should) perform and without the object of his/her action. The study of the identity of the gifted can become the basis the new and more effective method of identifying gifted individuals, even with non-actualized abilities.

We invite scientists, doctoral students, postgraduates, undergraduates and practitioners to discuss these and other issues related to the development and formation of giftedness.

Possible research objects:

  • the essence of the phenomenon of giftedness, concepts and models of giftedness;
  • abilities and giftedness of adults;
  • motivation of self-realization of abilities at different ages;
  • social factors of development of abilities and giftedness;
  • directions and technologies of development of giftedness and abilities;
  • modern educational environment as a factor in the development of giftedness of children and adolescents;
  • ways and methods of research on the giftedness of children and adolescents;
  • identity and identification of the gifted;
  • issues of giftedness diagnostics.

Paper proposals (up to 27,000 characters) can be sent to the editorial office using the online form or by e-mail (admin(at) ). The editorial board strongly recommends reading Author Guidelines before submitting the paper.

After the peer-review the accepted articles will be published in the special issue of the international research journal "Social Phenomena" №3 (2021). Publication in the journal is free of charge.


October 30, 2021 – deadline for full paper submissions.

The issue is being published with the financial support of the RFBR within the project "Multiple social identity as a factor in the development of gifted schoolchildren" (No. 19-29-07489).

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