The 1st International Conference on the Philosophy of Conspiracy Theory (5-7th of February, 2022)

February 3, 2022 - February 6, 2022

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University of Ghent
Charles Sturt University
Beijing Normal University
VU University Amsterdam
University of Antwerp
Pitzer College
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Universität Regensburg
University of Otago
Wake Forest University
University of Sheffield
University of Sydney
Lund University
Comenius University


Beijing Normal University
Pitzer College

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In the last decade there has been an explosion of literature on conspiracy theories in Philosophy. This work has largely built upon earlier work from the late nineties, work which was pioneered by Charles Pigden in “Popper Revisited, or What Is Wrong With Conspiracy Theories?” and Brian L. Keeley’s “Of Conspiracy Theories.” Scholars who responded to this work in the first decade of the 21st Century—including David Coady, Lee Basham, Neil Levy, Steve Clarke, and the like—built upon the early work, which has lead, in the words of Patrick Stokes, “[A] small but illuminating literature has emerged over the last decade, focusing almost entirely on the status of conspiracy theory as an epistemic problem and attempting to determine whether and under what conditions conspiracy beliefs might be warranted. Quite astonishingly, something like a broad consensus has emerged: regarded simply as explanations, conspiracy theories are not intrinsically irrational, and believing in conspiracy explanations is not necessarily unwarranted..”

Now, at the start of the third decade of philosophical work on conspiracy theory, we are seeing work which either builds upon the consensus, or seeks to challenge it by arguing that there really is something wrong or irrational with belief in conspiracy theories.

This conference seeks to not only present the best of this new work, but also draw attention to the early work which motivates it through paper presentations and panel discussions by established scholars in the field.

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The conference will held solely online, and the language of the conference will be English.

The conference will be a mix of paper presentations (25-30 minutes per talk, plus time for Q&A afterwards) and panel presentations.


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January 31, 2022, 6:00am PST

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