AI & Moral Responsibility

October 21, 2021
Research Center in Applied Ethics, University of Bucharest


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Responsibility Matters Workshop Series (RMWS) invites academics, researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers and NGO representatives to share research findings, prospective projects, field analysis or broad societal concerns revolving around the topic of responsibility.  

2021 topic of Responsibility Matters Workshop Series: AI & Moral Responsibility The 2021 debut edition of the Responsibility Matters Workshop Series focuses on Artificial Intelligence and moral responsibility. We are technically on the verge of deploying self-driving cars, autonomous weapon systems, robotic caregivers or artificial companions. But the perspective of scaling up such AI systems raises several ethical concerns. Who is morally responsible for the decisions taken by highly autonomous AI systems in these various domains? Whom do we blame for the effects generated by these artificial entities on the roads, in military conflicts, medical settings or even in our homes? How can our current ethical frameworks make sense of AI moral responsibility? These are the main questions that drive researchers into open debate on a timely and pressing topic of the decade: AI & moral responsibility.

When: October 21, 16.00-20.00hrs EET (Bucharest time)

Where: online, via Zoom platform  

Who: Keynote speakers: prof. Roger Crisp (St. Anne’s College, Oxford); prof. Julian Savulescu (Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics)  

Guest speakers: Andreas Theodorou (Umeå University), Emilian Mihailov (ENHATEC project, University of Bucharest)  

CoMoRe team: Cristina Voinea, Radu Uszkai, Constantin Vică, Mihaela Constantinescu  

How: detailed workshop schedule is available on our website:

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