CFP: St. Andrews Undergraduate Research Journal Aporia (22nd edition)

Submission deadline: December 5, 2021

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Hello everyone!

Aporia is an established philosophy journal published by the University of St Andrews Philosophy Society since 2007. We publish top-quality work in analytic philosophy written by undergraduates from all around the world. You can find our previous issues at and like our Facebook page for news and updates.

For our 22nd edition we are looking for philosophy essays in a broadly analytic style that:

  • Are written by undergraduate students, or people who have recently graduated and have not yet completed a year of post-graduate studies
  • Are between 2,000 and 5,000 words long, excluding bibliography and abstract
  • Include an abstract of no longer than 300 words
  • Are written in standard academic English 
  • Are submitted in an anonymised PDF file for blind peer-review (both the script and the file name must be anonymised)

Please submit your work by emailing your anonymised PDF file to [email protected] by December 5th 2021. We invite and strongly encourage submissions from undergraduates at all stages of their degree. Please note that, often, the publication of accepted submissions will be contingent on them undergoing certain revisions. Any questions can also be sent to this address.

We look forward to reading all your submissions.

Note that if you wrote the paper in your final year of undergrad and are now postgrad that is also permitted. We look forward to reading the submissions and if you have any questions please email 

[email protected] 

All the best,

The Aporia Team

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