CFP: /Belgrade Philosophical Annual/ Special Issue: Are there Essential Indexicals?

Submission deadline: June 30, 2022

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Dear Colleagues,

In the late 1970s John Perry and David Lewis argued forcefully that relevant indexicalbeliefs are of a special kind in that they are not equivalent to any beliefs expressedwithout indexicals. However, this received view has been re-examined of late. WhileCappelen &Dever (The Inessential Indexical), and others have tried to challenge thisview, others have been quick in coming up with new arguments aimed to show that Perryand Lewis have a point, whether or not all of their claims are sound.Since this great debate is far from being settled, the next issue of BPA invites andwelcomes submissions from both sides of the debate.

The issue is dedicated exclusivelyto this topic, giving thereby the opporunity to a number of articles in finding a timelyplace under one roof.

Prof. Vojislav Božičković

Guest Editor

Invited Contributions

John Perry (Stanford University)

Peter Ludlow (Center for Logic and Epistemology, UNICAMP)

Una Stojnić (Princeton University)

Andreas Stokke (Uppsala University)

Eduarda Calado Barbosa (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) 

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