Reasoning in Text (UNILOG 2022)

April 6, 2022 - April 11, 2022
Orthodox Academy of Crete

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University of Warsaw
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In order to correctly assess a reasoning expressed in natural language, it is important to grasp and reconstruct its logical structure. The first step is to identify the elements of a particular reasoning like claims, premises and conclusions, reasons and consequences, as well as starting and ending points.

Particularly important elements for achieving this goal are inference indicators, i.e. words like “therefore”, “because” etc. They enable us to create the representation of reasoning which clearly shows the relationships between its elements.

One of the popular tools for representing argument structure are argument diagrams. However, if we try to model various types of reasoning expressed in texts, we face serious challenges, for instance:
1)    what theory of reasoning to adopt;
2)    how to reconstruct missing parts of a reasoning;
3)    how to model a reasoning in text (diagrams, maps, formal languages);
4)    how to represent a reductive progressive reasoning (called “explanation” or “abduction”);
5)    how to interpret particular possible inference indicators (such as “since…”, “for…”) and additional operators (like “it is known that”, “it is silly to think that”);
6)    to what extent natural reasoning should be supplemented with hidden premises

The aim of the workshop is to map the problems and discuss possible approaches and solutions. We invite submissions of contributed papers on topics including but not restricted to:
●    Text and reading its structure;
●    Techniques of visual representation of reasoning;
●    Diagrams and classification of reasonings;
●    Inference indicators in natural language, different types of reasonings as speech acts;
●    Modal and quasi-modal operators in natural reasoning;
●    Applications of reasoning visual representation

To submit a contribution, please send a one-page abstract to: [email protected]

Accepted submissions will be invited to submit a paper to a book or a special issue that will be edited by the organizers after the workshop. For any query, please contact the organizers of the workshop.


Submission: January 21, 2022
Notification: January 28, 2022
Workshop: 6-11 April , 2022  (the workshop will take place at some point  during the UNILOG congress).
Early Bird Reduced Fees for the accepted contributors by February 7, 2022

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