CFP: Kant and Metaphilosophy

Submission deadline: December 1, 2022

Topic areas


The Kantian Journal will be publishing a topical issue under the title “Kant and Metaphilosophy”. The issue, scheduled for 2023/2, will contain 5-7 contributions that will bring together topics from Kant’s concept of philosophy and recent metaphilosophical research. The Kantian Journal is one of the leading international open access journals dedicated to Kant research with more than forty years of history. It is published by the Academia Kantiana, a research subdivision of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University’s Institute for the Humanities. It publishes articles, discussions, interviews, reports and reviews in English and German, followed by a translation into Russian. The Journal is indexed in Scopus, Web of Science (RSCI), ERIH PLUS, DOAJ, PhilPapers and more.

The issue will be edited by Dr Michael Lewin, who is currently a research fellow (Fritz Thyssen Foundation) at the Universität Koblenz-Landau, Germany, project: “How is Metaphilosophy Possible as a Unified Discipline?”

The contributors are advised to engage in critical discussion of editor’s recent paper “Kant’s Metaphilosophy”, Open Philosophy, 2021, 4/1, 292-310 (open access).

Possible topics include:

- the demarcation criterion between metaphilosophical and philosophical theories;

- Kant’s explicit and implicit metaphilosophy;

- Kant’s methodology (e.g., his doctrine of the architectonic idea of philosophy, his doctrine of definitions, his account of philosophical work with concepts in his published and unpublished works (e.g., logic lectures), the analytic-synthetic-distinction, a priori / a posteriori) in relation to recent debates on philosophical methodology, conceptual analysis, conceptual engineering, thought experiments, paradigmatic vs. research-programmatic accounts of philosophy etc.;

- Kant’s conception of philosophy and recent discussions of the problems of disagreement, unity and disunity of philosophy, the function of reason in philosophy, the scientificity of philosophy, the ends of philosophy, the division of philosophy, the relation of philosophy to the history of philosophy (Kant’s account of philosophical history of philosophy (“philosophical archeology”) vs. history of philosophy), and the relation of philosophy to other disciplines;

- the social dimensions of philosophical practice, the role of philosophy and the philosopher, the scientific vs. world concept of philosophy, and the institutionalization of philosophy in Kant and contemporary debates.

The articles should be written in English, German, or Russian, prepared for a double-blind peer review and sent to [email protected] until the 1st of December 2022. Contributors should present and solve a metaphilosophical problem in a systematic way.

For formal requirements, including the length and the stylesheet, please check the Journal’s Author’s Guide.

Supporting material

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