CFP: Personal Identity, Belgrade Philosophical Annual

Submission deadline: June 30, 2022

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The philosophical debate about the nature of personal identity is far from being settled. The questions such as “What am I?” and “How do we persist over time?” have significant theoretical and practical implications for many fields of research. We are inviting submissions for an issue of BPA devoted to “Personal identity”. The issue focuses primarily on the fundamental questions of the persistence of a person over time, but argumentative discussions of the most popular criteria of personal identity, as well as elaborated responses to the recent philosophical arguments on this subject matter are also welcome. The journal issue will address:

•What is the constitutive criterion of diachronic personal identity?

•The “complex” and “simple” views about the nature of personal identity

•The implication of mind-uploading for the problem of personal identity

•Personal identity and bodily death

•What matters in our persistence over time? 

•Identity of consciousness

•The role of memory and quasi-memory in personal identity

•Am I a human animal? 

Invited Contributions

Eric Olson [University of Sheffield]

John Perry [Stanford University]

Richard Swinburne [University of Oxford]

Georg Gasser [Augsburg University]

Submission Deadline

June 31st 2022

All inquiries can be directed to the managing editor: [email protected]

General Notes

Submitted papers should be prepared for anonymous review. All other relevant information should be sent in a separate document containing the author’s name and affiliation, the title of the paper, short abstract of not more than 250 words, and 4-5 keywords. All documents should be in a *.doc, *.docx, or *.pdf format.

Submissions should not be longer than 10000 words, including notes.

Only those whose submissions have been accepted will receive notifications.

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