CFP: Call for papers. Special Issue “Climate Justice” for the Latin American Journal of Political Philosophy

Submission deadline: March 15, 2022

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Call for papers. Special Issue “Climate Justice” for the Latin American Journal of Political Philosophy

Laura García-Portela (University of Graz/University of Freiburg) and Santiago Truccone-Borgono (University of Graz) call for papers for the special issue “Climate Justice” to be published in the Latin American Journal of Political Philosophy, approximately by the end of 2022.

Climate Change results from the accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. As it is well known, in the absence of effective mitigation and adaptation policies, climate change will increase the number of floods, heat waves, food insecurity, droughts, and epidemics. These changes will worsen people's life conditions and cause a large number of deaths. Climate change has broad normative implications. On the one hand, adaptation and mitigation measures preventing worse effects on what matters are necessary. This requires an explanation both about what matters, and a justification for the distribution of mitigation and adaptation duties. Additionally, we need concrete proposals about the institutional design required for carrying out climate policies, so that the future can be protected and foreseeable harms can be counteracted. On the other hand, this kind of duty requires policies whose effects will undermine people's putative legitimate expectations. These and other issues make climate justice challenging and exciting for those interested in practical philosophy.

This special issue aims to gather and promote recent works of experts in climate justice. The special issue will include the Spanish translation of papers by Catriona Mckinnon and Lukas H Meyer. We aim to complete the publication with original and high quality papers by philosophers, and legal and political theorists working on climate change.

Important Deadlines:

Deadline for submitting articles: March 15, 2022

Publication: December, 2022

Suggested topics

•Climate adaptation

•Climate mitigation

•Loss and Damage

•The normative relevance of historical emissions

•Backward-looking and forward-looking principles of climate justice (polluters pay principle, beneficiary pays principle, capacity pays principles, etc.)

•Integrationism vs. Isolationism

•Legitimate expectations and climate transition

•Harm to the future (Non-identity problem, accumulative harms, etc.)

•Climate action, leadership, and populism

•Indigenous people and climate change (indigenous knowledge, expensive tastes, etc.)

•Conservation and enhancement of carbon sinks

•State sovereignty and global climate duties

•Intergenerational Justice (principles of justice, time discount rates, etc.)

•Risk and uncertainty


Formal requirements for articles submission:

The special issue will publish articles that pass the peer review process in a double-blind format, and follow the formal guidelines for the regular issues of the RLFP. When submitting the work, please indicate that it belongs to the special issue "Climate Justice".

Papers can be submitted in Spanish or English. However, we encourage participants to write their papers in Spanish if possible.

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