Philosphy in the Digital Age

April 30, 2022
Philosophy Department, Salem State University

Marsh Hall Rooms 111 & 114
352 Lafayette St
Salem 01970
United States

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  • Student Philosophy Club
  • School of Arts & Sciences
  • Salem State Philosophy Department


University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth



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We are requesting abstracts between 500-800 words, listed below are a range of topics you may address but we will accept submissions outside these recomendations. If your abstract if accepted we will request a paper between 3500-5000 words.

Deadline for abstracts: Thursday March 31st

Deadline for papers: Sunday April 3rd

Email submissions to [email protected]

CULTURE and GLOBALIZATION: How has digital technology influenced the acceptance and/or appropriation of different cultural values as a result of greater access to information? What philosophical challenges emerge from globalization and the expanding market of values (moral, cultural, aesthetic, political)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Stoic ideal of cosmopolitanism in the age of digital technology?

SOCIAL INTERACTION: Does the way we interact on various social platforms/social media impact how we interact in person? How or Why? If so, is this impact positive or negative? How does social media affect the human psyche, one’s sense of belonging, one’s sense of self and individuality, one’s sense of control, personal fulfillment and happiness?

CREDIBILITY: Is it morally permissible for news sources to provide the public with false or prejudicial information? How does easy access to online posts affect the ability to differentiate truth from falsity? How do the speed of information dissemination and the massive quantity of available information impact our critical capabilities? What is the appeal of fake news and conspiracy theories?

PERCEPTION: How is the internet changing our perception of the world and our beliefs about what is real? Charmed by the magic of plugging into a kind of a collective consciousness, how vulnerable are we to external mind-control as a result? Does active internet participation contribute to tribalism and herd mentality at the cost of loss of one’s individuality? Do we become more tolerant and accepting of divergent metaphysical, ethical and political beliefs or are we simply broadening the circle of our own conscious and unconscious biases?

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March 13, 2022, 9:00am EST

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